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Published: 02nd May 2013
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Check out your Eye Q by testing out the simple Dermastir Eye Q test

Take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions and find the complete answer to your eye care needs. You will find out just what your eyes need to look and feel better!

When I wake up I have puffy eyes.
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____
When I wake up I have eye bags
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____
I have fine lines and wrinkles.
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____
I have dark circles under my eyes.
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____
The skin under my eyes is dry.
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____
My eyes are itchy and tired looking.
Always Sometimes Never Score:_____

Give yourself 4 points for always, 2 points for sometimes and 0 points for never.
Now add up your score.
Your Total: _________
If you scored 10 points or more, its time to get intensive treatment !! Daily use of Dermastir eye contour, Dermastir eye ampoules and Dermasir intensive serum.
If you scored between 4 and 10 points, your eye-contour is at risk but easily reversible. Use Dermastir Eye Contour in combination with Dermastir ampoules to reverse the imperfections.
If you scored between 0 and 4 points, your eyes have both genetic and environmental factors working for you. It is still important to use Dermastir Eye Contour to maintain your beautiful feature.

DERMASTIR Eye contour tips
Eye-bags and puffy eyes are caused when fluid gets trapped under the eye; it is usually most severe when you wake up.

- Cut down on caffeine, alcohol and salt, especially the night before an event. These promote water retention that can settle in your face as you sleep causing puffy eyes.
- Drinking too many fluids before bedtime can cause puffiness.

Try to stop drinking around 8 pm .
- Sleep on your back. This will help prevent your eyes from getting puffy. Elevate your head with two pillows and apply Dermastir Eye Contour so that fluids will be less likely to settle in your face, giving you tired eyes.

- Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep is a major cause of both dark circles and under-eye bags. If you work to maintain a regular sleep schedule your body wont be thrown into overdrive with irregular hours.

- General Tips: Exercise, reduce stress, take a multi-vitamin and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Dark circles can be a hereditary condition deeply pigmented skin, or they can be caused by aging. As we get older the skin under our eyes can become thinner thus causing the veins under the eye to become more prominent. Dark circles can be exacerbated by the lack of sleep, over exposure to the sun, bad habits and menopause.

If the problem is due to bad habits or aging, use a Dermastir Eye Contour at night with Dermastir SPF50+ every day to prevent pigmentation and use Dermastir eye treatments that contain optical diffusers.

Crows Feet, Fine Lines or Wrinkles: Crows feet are fine lines and wrinkles appearing near the corner and under the eye area. There are two reasons why wrinkling seems to occur in these areas earlier than the rest of the face.

1 There are fewer oil glands located around the eyes, therefore the skin is thinner.
2 Most of facial expressions, such as smiling and squinting influence the area around the eye.
Retinyl palmitate is the pre-formed version of vitamin A that is converted to retinol in the skin. The retinol is then converted to retinoic acid (Tretinion) which stimulates mitotic activity and decreases cohesiveness of follicular cells. There have been some amazing advances in treating fine lines and wrinkles using retinyl palmitate found in the Dermastir Eye Contour. Dermastir Eye Contour contains some form of antioxidants, which help to increase collagen production, strengthening the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and making wrinkles less noticeable. The retinyl palmitate is also very effective in clearing off dark circles.

Dry skin under your eyes: Moisturizing ingredients can help to make skin look suppler and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Dry skin tends to highlight wrinkles and fine lines; so moisturizing treatments are more of a cosmetic than a treatment. The Dermastir Eye Contour, in its airless thermal packaging, guarantees that the moisturizing gel, when applied, does not effect the pH of tears which is 7.4

Itchy tired looking eyes: Be sure not to rub your eyes if they are itchy; gently pat or press the area with Dermastir Eye Contour. Dermastir Eye Contour has wheat protein which has a tensor effect. Wheat protein has been proven to be an anti-irritant and has some healing properties. It is also considered anti-itching, extremely soothing to the skin and has the ability to neutralize skin irritants.

VITAMIN E Anti-oxidant
Vitamin E when applied at night has the benefit of forming a protective layer that will protect the eye contour area during the day. Vitamin E also has anti-oxidant properties; this is very important for the eye contour area, since the skin in the eye contour area is very thin.


The microbial cellulose has transdermal delivery properties that are so important in this formulation since the eye contour area is very thin. The cellulose helps to keep the above listed active ingredients longer around the eye, in a fibre matrix that is formed around the eye.

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